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Allen W. Roberts Elementary School

School Health Services

Allen W. Roberts School
80 Jones Drive
School Nurse:  Jessica Cullen
(908) 464-4707 ext. 3514
Salt Brook School
40 Maple Street
School Nurse:   Mrs. Lynn Kral, MPH, MS, RN, CSN-NJ
(908) 464-7100 ext. 2615

School Health Services are maintained to promote the health of students and school personnel. In our school, this is done through annual health screenings and emergency care for injury or sudden illness.

Emergency Care: Emergency care is limited to first aid for accidents or illness occurring in school until the parent/guardian arrives to take the child home or for medical care. The school nurse may not treat any injury that did not occur in school. Please contact the school nurse if you have concerns about your child's health. It is important that the school nurse have current home, work and cell phone numbers to contact you should your child become ill or injured.

Medications: When students must take medications during school hours, a note from the physician specifying student name, medication, dosage and frequency of administration is required. A written request from the parent is also needed. The medication must be brought to the Health Office in its original bottle with the pharmacy label. No child may keep medication with him/her in the classroom. This applies to over-the-counter medications (cough syrup, acetaminophen, decongestants, etc.) as well as prescription medication. Students with certain diagnosis, such as asthma, may self-administer medication if the student has been instructed by their physician in the proper administration of the medication and have submitted a written doctor's order and written parent request. All medication orders must be renewed annually, each September.

Annual Health Screenings: All students will be screened annually for height, weight, and blood pressure. Vision screenings are conducted biennially. Hearing screenings are conducted in kindergarten through third grade. Students over age ten are required by law to be screened biennially for scoliosis (curvature of the spine) unless a parent requests in writing that their child not be examined. Parents will be contacted about any findings that require follow-up by your physician. All new students who transfer from out of state or from another country will be required to have a Mantoux test for tuberculosis. This simple skin test can be performed at school at no expense or by your family doctor.

Physical Examinations: Physical examinations are required for all new students and students entering kindergarten. A complete physical exam signed by your doctor is required. If students do not receive an annual physical examination by their physician, it is suggested that subsequent examinations be obtained at least once during each of the student's developmental stages: early childhood (grade 2), pre-adolescence (grade 5), adolescence (grades 7 through 12).

Absence and Gym Notes: Parents should call the Absentee Hot Line (Salt Brook: 464-7100 ext. #5 or Allen W. Roberts: 464-4707 ext. #4) if a child will not be in school. A parent note must be sent to school when a child returns after an absence. A child may be excused from physical education class for three days with a note from a parent. A doctor's note is required to excuse a child for more than three days.

For Students Entering Kindergarten

Please be sure that all immunization forms are submitted before school entry and that all forms have complete information. If immunizations are given during the summer after the health form has been sent to the school, please send DOCUMENTATION OF THESE ADDITIONAL IMMUNIZATIONS SIGNED BY YOUR DOCTOR.

Current New Jersey State regulations mandate the following immunizations:

Students entering kindergarten or first grade:

DTAP/DTP Minimum of 4 doses (1 dose on or after the fourth birthday)

Polio Minimum of 3 doses (1 dose on or after the fourth birthday)

MMR 2 doses of a measles-containing vaccine (first dose given on or after the first birthday)

Hepatitis B 3 doses (required for all children born after January 1, 1996)

Varicella (Chicken pox) 1 dose on or after the first birthday OR proof of disease (lab results or written statement from physician or parent) required for all children born on or after January 1, 1998

Students entering sixth grade:
     Tdap 1 dose
     Meningococcal conjugate 1 dose
Students attending pre-school programs:
     Pneumococcal conjugate Complete series
     Influenza Administered by December 31st annually
(in addition to age appropriate standards for DTP/DTaP, polio, Hib, MMR, and varicella/chicken pox)

If your child has a medical condition, please notify the school prior to the beginning of school. Severe allergies, especially food allergies, necessitate special planning and procedures. Please contact the school nurse to discuss any concerns or questions.

Allen W. Roberts School: Jessica Cullen at (908) 464-4707 ext. 3514

Salt Brook School: Mrs. Kral, MPH, MS, RN, CSN-NJ at (908) 464-7100 ext. 2615