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Allen W. Roberts Elementary School

Cafeteria Rules

When children eat at school they are sharing the cafeteria with many other students. Please join us in emphasizing the importance of good manners and proper behavior so that all children may enjoy a pleasant lunch. Also please encourage your children to show respect at all times to lunch aides, custodians and other school personnel-- both in the cafeteria and on the playground during recess.

All children are required to remain in school for a supervised lunch and recreation period. While lunches from home are welcome, the school also offers a well-balanced choice of entrees for lunch at a low cost. Milk, juices, and snacks are also available a la carte. While lunch is available for $3.00 a day, parents are encouraged to pre-pay. Please print your child’s name and HR teacher on the check and make the check out to NP BOE.

Cafeteria Rules—Please review and explain these rules to your child.

1. Students may be excused from eating lunch only with written permission from a parent/guardian.

2. Lunch passes are for emergency use only. It is expected that passes will be paid the day after they are used (within 24 hours). Students owing for any outstanding lunch pass shall not be allowed to purchase any extra items (a la carte)-- with the exception of milk.

3. Choosing where one sits is a privilege for those who follow the cafeteria rules.

4. Students will not visit at other tables during the meal.

5. Students are expected to stop talking while announcements are being made over the microphone.

6. Conversation should be in a normal, indoor volume of speech.

7. Tables, chairs, and floors are to be kept clean, and students should clean up their own debris. Students

should leave tables and chairs the way they would expect to find them -- clean and pushed in place.

8. All debris from lunch is to be disposed of in the proper containers (garbage or recycled).

9. Students will make one trip only to throw away all trash and return trays, etc. There is to be no rummaging in trash cans for any purpose.

10. Students may not offer food to others at the table and may not ask for food or money from others.

11. Students must obtain permission before leaving the cafeteria for any reason. There is a limit of two persons in each restroom at any given time.

12. Students are not permitted to save places in line or allow another student to “cut in”.

13. Students are to remain seated in the cafeteria until dismissed, and then they should line up in an orderly fashion. There will be no eating and drinking while standing in line for dismissal.